Periodic table of Chemical Elements

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The application revels essential information about chemical elements
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Periodic table of Chemical Elements is an application which revels essential information about chemical elements. It is available together with other useful useful applications within the fields of Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, all gathered in Genius Maker package.

Mendeleev's well-known table is displayed in a nice and attractive manner. The program is created mainly for school usage, and for this reason the interface is full of color, animated, and eye-catching. With just one click on the symbol of an element, you will find important information about that chemical item.

Complete data of every element is revealed in a strictly organized form. Thus, you will learn about the atomic number and mass of the chemical element you have chosen, about its number of neutrons, density, oxidation, configuration, melting and boiling points, year of discovery, occurrence, ore or source, and nonetheless the extraction method. Moreover, you will know more about its properties and in which situations it can be used. Other essential information that can't be categorized is listed at the end. A representation of Bohr's model showing electrons moving around the atom brings animation to the page. As images play a very important role in the process of learning, in the sense that they are retained easier than the written information, the description contains an illustrative photo of the most common situation in which that chemical element is used in everyday life.

No matter whether the program is used at schools, with supplementary explanations of a teacher, or at home, out of curiosity, the educational purpose of Periodic table of Chemical Elements is obvious.

Amelia Wagner
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  • It is created for educational purpose
  • It reveals complete information about chemical elements
  • It has an attractive interface


  • The trial version contains limitations. Few chemical elements are available with description. There is also restriction on number of usage
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